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Vanlife Halloween Activities 2020

free candy vanlife halloween activities 2020

Halloween is around the corner and with the growing number of people transitioning from house or apartment living to vanlife there is a curiosity as to how vanlifers celebrate this spooky holiday. Most vanlifers don’t have children but there are a select few that do but you don’t have to have kids to be able to celebrate vanlife Halloween activities 2020.

For those of you with “holiday spirit” you may find yourself decorating your van, RV, bus, truck, car, or whatever vehicle you’re living out of. Taking part in holiday activities and festivities is a great way to get your mind off from the stresses of everyday life.


A vehicle is significantly smaller than a house so what type of activities can one do in a such a small living space? To be honest, you can just about do the same activities in a vehicle than what you can in a house or apartment. Utilizing the small space might be a bit of a task but it can be done.

1. Vanlife Movies

movie night living vanlife
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Sitting back and watching a Halloween flick may not be a physical activity but it is an activity that can be accomplished if you are living the van life, bus life, RV life, or the digital nomad life. Many nomads have online subscription services to companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu which offer plenty of options for Halloween movies.

2. Vanlife Decorating

Decorating is, by far, one of the greatest activities you can do on Halloween. Christmas decorating is fun and all but Halloween decorations are so much cooler and there are more options. Giving your vehicle a spooky vibe is one sure way to a celebrate Halloween while living the vanlife.


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3. Vanlife Social Gatherings

With the COVID-19 crisis this year it’s probably not a good idea to hold huge social gatherings but getting together with a few likeminded people living the vanlife would be a great way to partake in some Halloween activities. You could bob for apples, watch a Halloween movie on a projector screen, tell spooky ghost stories by a bonfire, bake some Halloween cookies, or have a Halloween costume party.


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4. Vanlife Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is the most common Halloween activity and it has been for years. Since this activity requires little space it is ideal for people living the vanlife. Just head on over to your local grocery store or pumpkin patch, snag some pumpkins, hollow them them out, carve them, and throw a battery operated candle in it. It’s probably not safe to use real candles in a vehicle so keep that in mind.



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5. Visit Spooky Places

You don’t necessarily have to stay inside your vehicle for vanlife Halloween activities 2020. You can venture out and visit haunted houses, graveyards, haunted corn mazes, or get involved in Halloween costume contests in your local area. If you’re looking to get out of vehicle then I recommend checkout out local Halloween events.


free candy vanlife halloween activities 2020

1. Don’t Paint Free Candy on your Van

Although it seems like a a good Halloween prop it may not be a good idea if you’re actually living in your van. This will bring unwanted attention and I can guarantee it won’t be positive attention.

2. Don’t Pass out Candy to Children

Another “not so good idea” that could bring you attention that you don’t need. There are “trunk-or-treat” events that have become popular amongst young children but if you’re not part of that community I don’t recommend passing out candy at all.


This article should give a little bit of information on how you vanlifers can celebrate vanlife halloween activities 2020. Use your creativity and have fun without bringing attention to your vehicle of course. Feel free to use the comment section below and let everyone know what you’re doing this year for Halloween. I’m sure other fellow vandwellers would be interested in what types of activities other vanlifers are doing.

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