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The Future for Digital Nomads in 2021

The Future for Digital Nomads in 2021

We are all noticing that the future for digital nomads in 2021 is looking to be more appealing after the events of this pandemic. Due to the mass shutdowns across the nation many businesses are forced to have their employees work from home. We are very much transitioning into a digital age.

This large shift to remote work is popularizing the digital nomad lifestyle. The digital nomad movement isn’t new but it’s certainly becoming more trendy. Over the past few decades technology has been advancing at an exponential rate and with that we are starting to see a large increase in remote job opportunities.


As of now more than 4.8 million Americans work remotely which is 3.2% of the entire workforce in the United States. Don’t get this statistic confused with digital nomads. There is a difference between a digital nomad and someone who works remotely. A digital nomad is an individual who works remotely from various locations of their choosing relying on technological devices (such as a computers, cell phones, and tablets) and an internet connection to complete work related tasks that would generally take place in a stationary work environment. A remote worker is defined the same way except they don’t work from various locations. A remote worker doesn’t live the nomadic lifestyle.

defining the future for digital nomads in 2021

So what is the future for digital nomads in 2021? The future for digital nomads in 2021 will be seen as a very impactful and influential shift that will define the future of the workforce. Our computer-driven society is evolving into a reality where computerized technology is becoming a need rather than a want.

With the effects of the pandemic and technology playing a bigger role in our lives this opens up more opportunity for remote work. 2021 will be the year of the digital nomad and we’ll see new technologies develop leading to major workforce changes.

2021 will be the year of the digital nomad


As remote work becomes more widely available and acceptable it will have an impact on our lifestyle. As I stated above there is a difference between a remote worker and a digital nomad. As more and more people venture into remote work they will see the advantages and opportunities available as a digital nomad.

First we will start seeing more and more companies and individuals transition to remote work. As more individuals start working remotely from home they’ll make changes to their lifestyle since they aren’t working from an office 5 days a week. Lifestyle changes will lead to digital nomadism for some.


Individuals working remotely from home will most likely get bored stuck in their house day after day. Remote work offers more flexibility which is beneficial for work/life balance. Many remote jobs let you set your own schedule giving you more freedom and opportunity to explore lifestyle changes.

As you already know a digital nomad is location independent meaning that he or she can work from anywhere in the world. With the rise of remote work, becoming a digital nomad will prove to be more appealing because it offers the chance to travel wherever and whenever you want.

Financial Freedom

Living life as a digital nomad means that you can live more comfortably financially. Without the need to commute to work you save on gas. You could even get away without having a vehicle. Using ride share and staying at hostels or Airbnb’s can limit the need for a house, apartment, or vehicle. This could allow you to live much cheaper while saving money for retirement or other future endeavors.

The Freedom of Being a Digital Nomad

A person working that 9 to 5 their whole life would normally get a week or two off from work per year for vacationing. The digital nomad can vacation all year. You obviously still have to work but you can travel the entire United States and see all the beautiful things this country has to offer while living that digital nomad life. The future of digital nomads in 2021 grants flexibility, adventure, exploration, freedom, work/life balance, and could potentially reduce stress and anxiety levels in certain people.

Productivity of the Digital Nomad

The digital nomad lifestyle can have a boosting affect on productivity. Workplace commutes can cut into sleep times and can easily make one drowsy depending on how long the commute is. Since a digital nomad doesn’t have to worry about commuting to work it can have a positive impact on productivity.

Digital nomadism offers the chance to work without a boss watching over you. Having someone watching over you as you work all the time can have a negative affect on productivity. Having more freedom and flexibility can make a person focus more on what needs to be done resulting in improved efficiency and consistency.

Health and Happiness

Being a digital nomad may not be for everybody but for some it can improve health and overall happiness. Exercise plays a large role in staying healthy and a standard 9 to 5 office job can make it difficult to make the time for exercise. The flexibility of the digital nomad lifestyle allows more time to focus on exercise routines and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Working as a digital nomad can reduce stress levels for some as well. A location dependent job can be stressful at times and that stress can build day after day. Performing the same job at the same location day after day can induce both stress and anxiety.


Employment is being shaped by this growing trend of remote job opportunities. Not everyone can work remotely but the one’s that can will certainly consider the digital nomad lifestyle. This digital nomadism trend shows no signs of slowing down and it may just lead to major changes in the work force.

The American Dream can once again be obtained with just a laptop and an internet connection. The future looks very bright for digital nomads and now is a great time to start pushing toward remote job opportunities.

How do you visualize the future for digital nomads in 2021? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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