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GoPro Display Mod Review


It’s been a year since the GoPro Display Mod was announced and it’s finally here. Now it’s time to do a GoPro Display Mod review. With more and more people jumping on the vlogging band wagon GoPro has proven to be a company that carries fantastic products targeting vloggers and novice videographers.

With the release of the GoPro HERO9 Black it is uncertain whether or not this will be a popular product since the HERO9 has a front facing screen. This GoPro Display Mod Review is meant to show interested people what to expect from the product and whether or not it will be a suitable product for buyers.


What is in the box of the GoPro Display Mod

Inside the box you’ll find a manual, the display mod, a case for the display mod, and a USB-C cable that is used to charge the device. The internal battery has a run time of 90 minutes before it will have to be recharged.

The display mod screen measures 2” diagonal and has a resolution of 480×320, which is the exact same size as the GoPro Hero8 Black rear display.

The first thing you’ll notice when you take the GoPro display mod out of it’s case is that it has a USB-C port on the side as well as a power button. The micro-HDMI cable extends from it as well so that it can be connected to the media mod. Keep in mind that you have to purchase the media mod in order to use the display mod.

Location of the power button and usb-c port on the gopro display mod

There are two different media mods as well. There is one for the GoPro HERO8 Black and one for the GoPro HERO9 Black and they are not cross-compatible so make sure you get the correct one. The GoPro Display mod is compatible with both the GoPro HERO8 Black media mod and the GoPro HERO9 Black media mod.


Sliding the gopro display mod onto the media mod

Plugging micro-HDMI cable into media mod

With the GoPro display mod out of it’s case you can go ahead and slide it onto the media mod until it’s nice and firm. Then plug the micro-HDMI cable into media mod. The cable is a bit longer than what it needs to be so you’ll have to use the provided cable clip to position the cable as needed.

After you have it all plugged in and set up it’s time to turn it on.

Turning on the GoPro and the GoPro Display Mod

Go ahead and hold down the power button on the display mod and you should first see the GoPro logo pop up. Next you’ll see an icon that lets you know that it isn’t connected. Now turn on your GoPro and shortly after you should have a fully functional front facing display. You’ll probably notice that the display mod has a battery indicator on it in the upper corner. Unfortunately that is the only icon displayed on the display mod.

Now we get to talk about the disappointments. When the display mod is connected it completely disables everything else. This means that the main display on the GoPro isn’t functional. You can’t adjust settings while the display mod is in use. The only thing you can do is cycle through the modes (Video, Photo, and Time-lapse) using the power button on the GoPro. If you want to adjust any settings while in use you’ll have to power off the display mod, adjust your settings, and then turn the display mod back on.

The GoPro display turns off when the display mod is turned on

Another disappointment is that the display mod isn’t a touchscreen and there is no screen timeout so the display mod will stay on and burn up the battery until the GoPro physically shuts off. Keep in mind that the display mod is not waterproof either.

The Display Mod folded over top of the GoPro main display


I feel as if GoPro rushed this product or didn’t take the time to perfect it. With some software updates to improve functionality, dual-display support, and a touchscreen this would make a great product. Unfortunately it’s just a simple add-on display to make vlogging easier.

For users out there that already own a GoPro HERO8 Black or a GoPro HERO9 Black I would recommend getting this product if you’re the type that records yourself frequently. If you only use the GoPro to obtain “unique” shots and you’re not much of a face-to-face vlogger then I don’t see a point in purchasing it.

Once again, keep in mind that you have to purchase the media mod as well. If you don’t own the media mod then I would reconsider getting the display mod since both the media mod and the display mod will run you around $160 for both. That is almost half the price of the GoPro HERO9 Black which already has a front facing display.

Although the GoPro display mod lacks certain features I see myself using it frequently since I’m use to using a bulky DSLR camera. The GoPro is much smaller and easier to carry for vlogging. This is a great addition to my vlogging arsenal.

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